The crisis debate: what do citizens worry about?

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A high level of exchange of ideas, thoughts and feelings is happening among people in Spain these days. This last weekend, during my participation in three different family activities (with people of two different cities), it was hard not to talk about the current crisis we are living in Spain (and in Europe). Although this crisis seems to be a financial and economic crisis, people now seem to be more convinced of the political dimension of the crisis. This is also reflected on the newspapers (see for example the following analysis from The Guardian). My main conclusion is that there is a clear concern about the ability of our political class to give a proper response to this crisis: Is our political class having a proper and timely response to the big challenges we are living today?

I think people do not have a clear answer of it, they only have more questions:

Why don’t leaders have continuous conversations with the society clearly explaining options, challenges and dilemmas? On the contrary, it seems they avoid talking to people – By the way, there is an interesting debate about austerity vs. growth in this BBC program. A more specific question is around the people’s mind: Is austerity the best option for everybody? Why growth is not in the agenda? How will we increase consumer demand?

Why is one country in Europe making the decisions for many countries? Is this country making decisions based on Europe’s interests or based on their own interests?

How is it possible that the plan already implemented does not resolve the problem? Even worse, how it is possible that the plan already implemented would worsen the situation (e.g. higher unemployment rate for 2014-2015 in Spain?

Why is not it possible to know who are the managers and policy makers responsible for the debacle of Bankia? How it possible was this bank started trading in the Madrid’s stock exchange market without a signal of risk identified by the regulators?

I have been reflecting on these questions the last few hours. A priori, it seems that we will have to make tough decisions in the next days. In doing so, we will need a bright political class.



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