Amazon & the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25

Posted on 28. jun, 2012 by in Information Technology and Operational Excellence

Gartner has recently released the The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2012. The top five includes Apple, Amazon, McDonald’s, Dell and P&G. The whole report is very relevant and recommendable. Three of these top 5 are companies from the technological / digital arena. This is not a coincidence and we should consider it as a notable sign of the relevance of the digital economy for the world growth and sustainability.

Amazon deserves a special mention. In an article written in Knowledge@Wharton we can probably see the key elements of the new Amazon`s leadership based on its SCM best practices. As a summary, the article mentioned the following practices: confronting competitors from a position of strength (e-commerce is continuously growing), improvements in the online shopping experience (leak through its books, one-click shopping, displays in key areas), free two-way shipping policy (zappos), manage and ship not only its own inventory, offering same day, second-day and other fulfillment options, drop shopping, digital distribution: kindle device. W should also mention the IT investment on the back-office processes. As mentioned by Jeff Bezos in the HBS teaching case:

“80% of the company’s investment in software development since its founding in 1995 has not gone into its famously user-friendly screens, but to back-office logistics.”



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