Extended and proper use of IT: The case of Engineering firms

Posted on 30. sep, 2012 by in Information Technology

We had an interesting debate in our Madrid campus last week. We were talking about the current situation of Engineering firms in Spain and potential solutions based on information technology investment.

Four guest speakers presented their experiences and recommendations: Fabrizio Tesolato (Foster Wheeler), Juan Ignacio Burgaleta (Torresol Energy), Almudena Gallego (IFS Software) and I, from Deusto Business School.

I will try to upload part of my colleagues’ presentations. At the beginning, my presentation focused on the identification of new challenges for the project management practice in a new era driven by technological advances, social and economic issues, and globalization.  I argued that we live in exponential times and organizations have the big challenge of continuously adapting to avoid being left behind. This is critical for business sustainability. From my point of view, this implies the development of new capabilities based on three postulates:

  1. Extended (massive) and proper use of information technology and digital platforms.
  2. Development of new business models based on business networks.
  3. Continuous adaptation of the organizational processes and structure.

With respect to the project management practice, the extended and proper use of IT and digital platforms should ensure the following three main objectives:

a. Make information available from anywhere (for example, using ERPs, social and collaborative networks, wikis, web services such as dropbox, etc.)

b. Keep continuous communication (for example, using videoconferencing, skype calls, instant messages, social networks, etc.)

c. Take full advantage of everyone through collaboration. (for example, using project management functionality, discussion forums, social networks, etc.)



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