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Posted on 08. jun, 2011 by in Operational Excellence

I am now in Mexico to participate in a seminar about Business Process Management (BPM) with some colleagues at the Tech of Monterrey (one of the leading universities in Latin America). I will be talking about the BPM philosophy and BPM methodology. Last May I taught a similar seminar for executives at IE Business School in Madrid. It was very interesting to see how a number of Spanish companies are now focusing their efforts on the improvement and innovation of processes. Several current and past experiences were mentioned by participants and I would like to share them with you in this post:

-One leading and multinational insurance company is now immersed in the introduction of business process management as a culture. One of the projects they are now developing is the redesign of some back-office processes to allow them the creation of shared services by regions.

-One consulting firm specialized in the implementation of SAP is working on the integration of SAP and BPM tools in order to take more advantage from both technologies.

-One leading distribution company is starting the introduction of kaizen philosophy in order to improve their processes over time and under a sustainable approach.

-Many others…

During the seminar, we all agree with the necessity of changing our operational models to ensure the survival of our companies. It was considered as a fundamental project for the improvement of productivity in Europe. It is not enough to downsize the company. We need to move the productivity line by improving the processes and simultaneously changing the structure (roles, performance systems, etc.) and the people (profiles, skills, etc.) In parallel,technology has to act as the enabling tool of all the required changes. I argue that we need to have a more holistic and integrative approach to deal with the current companies’ challenges. BPM as a management philosophy is a effective way to achieve this.


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