Your digital life: always-on mode

Posted on 17. oct, 2011 by in Information Technology and Strategy & Innovation

In a recent article (Living in a Digital World) published in Communications of the ACM, Samuel Greengard introduces us with a relevant debate about the impact of technology use on people’s behavior. It seems to some experts that “an always-on digital lifestyle” can give rise to undesirable attitudes due to your digital life.

For example, Greengard mentions interesting statistics: “the average American is digitally connected between 2.5 and 3.5 hours a day.” This is definitely a reality that is overwhelming all of us everywhere, not just in America. There is no doubt that being continuously connected to the Internet is a fundamental part of our networked and your digital life. However, there are some challenges that need to be addressed. In the Greengard’s own words, “the heavy use of digital technology trains society to have less patience for the particular skills, pace, and sensitivities of face-to-face interaction.” In other words (by Shery Turkle), “we are using technologies to dial down human contact.”

This is no small problem and we all need to reflect on that in order to find ways to balance social and family life with digital life. I am particularly using the recommended tactic of turning my digital devices off for certain periods of time (at least for half-day), mainly on weekends.

I highly recommend this article and the practice of turning off your digital life.



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