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How capabilities are related to strategy?

Posted on 09. feb, 2010 by .


(Versión en español más abajo) The Long Conversation approach argues that the development of organizational capabilities (e.g. technology mastery, workplace practice, talent management … etc) can be better understood through an emergent and diligent learning process.    One question immediately comes to mind:  “Yes, but what capabilities should our corporation be developing?  Are all capabilities equally […]

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Creating Capabilities to Support Sustained Performance

Posted on 25. ene, 2010 by .


(Versión en español más abajo) In an interview recently published by Management Issues, one of us argued the following: “Many organizations work on the basis of short-term objectives and short-term actions to tackle the challenges they face. This could be good in some contexts but, in the long-term, we think we need to create internal […]

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