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The Flexible Future of IT

Posted on 26. oct, 2010 by .


(Versión en español más abajo) Gareth Morgan’s classic book ‘Images of Organization‘ teases out the assumptions implicit in how we think about our businesses. If we think the organization is a machine, then maybe we want an IT system that can be unwrapped, implemented and used to automate some part of the functions of that […]

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The driver of IT impact is the actual usage of the technology

Posted on 25. oct, 2010 by .


(versión en español mas abajo) For the last 20 years, companies have been implementing and adopting enterprise systems and other large-scale IT initiatives (e.g. SAP, Sage, Oracle, etc). They have done this with clear strategic and operational aims: to automate transactions, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, integrate with suppliers, and make better decisions. And yet, […]

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Information Technology and Business “Ecosystems”

Posted on 19. oct, 2010 by .


(versión en español más abajo) Firms are part of complex business systems, where networks of players are connected by different type of relationships. The fabric of these relationships is made of people, process and technology. If your company is trying to determine whether information technology (IT) is a commodity or a strategic resource, it is […]

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Thinking Beyond Projects: The Waves Of Organization

Posted on 05. oct, 2010 by .


(versión en español más abajo) The reality is that it takes a long time and a lot of learning to make the best of your technology. Many business leaders think of “technology projects” as phases to be overcome, storms to be weathered. They cannot wait to get back to ‘normal’ business, with the costs and […]

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