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Information Technology: Commodity or Strategic Resource (2)

Posted on 09. jul, 2010 by .


(versión en español en los próximos días) In the previous post, we brought out the controversy about IT being a commodity or a strategic resource.   Depending on what side you take, IT management could be about administering costs and risks (commodity) or about envisioning and making the most of the business value of IT (BVIT).   […]

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Information Technology: Commodity or Strategic Resource? (1)

Posted on 24. may, 2010 by .


A few years ago, a paper in the Harvard Business Review raised a heated controversy.  It was titled “IT Doesn’t Matter”.   The basic tenet of the author was intriguing: IT has become a commodity, “affordable and accessible to everyone, it no longer offers strategic value to anyone … Now that IT is ubiquitous, we must […]

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